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3. Sep ::: 2014


5. Sep ::: 2013

The clock strikes twelve, witching hour...

5. Aug ::: 2013

The Vision Bleak have returned! 

Three years after "Set Sail To Mystery", the masters of Horror Metal have undergone creative rejuvenation. With the spontaneity and playfulness of "Witching Hour", Schwadorf and Konstanz hark back to their debut „The Deathship Has A New Captain", and the slogan "creepy and haunting entertainment" has not been more topical and fitting ever since 2004. The comprehensive witchcraft concept of "Witching Hour" highlights the duo as morbid storytellers with a bizarrely brutal, yet also entertaining assortment of fairytales and myths up their sleeves. Familiar elements such as groovy, driving riffs, sublime, melodic lead guitars and Konstanz' unique voice are still the defining characteristics, yet new implementations like the haunting flute or the most versatile and sinister vocals so far are crucial to the fact that "Witching Hour" in its entirety sounds more dour and unfathomable than earlier recordings.

Release date: 27.09.2013

- CD
- CD in Digipak incl. bonus track and extended booklet
- Gatefold LP (180g virgin vinyl) incl. bonus track, poster and PVC protection sleeve: print-run of 300 copies
- Book edition (hardcover bound in faux leather and with hot foil stamping, 48 pages, ca. 18x18 cm) incl. bonus track and bonus CD featuring horror ambient tracks by Schwadorf; print-run of 700 copies.

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News news news....

31. Jul ::: 2013
We are working very hard right now making the release of "Witching Hour" something special for us and for you guys and girls! Doing layout with old fellow Lukasz Jaszak and working together with Fursy Teyssier on Bandpics. Everything turning out really great!
Besides that Mr. Teyssier is preparing the first The Vision Bleak Video since our Wolfmoon Clip in 2004. Be prepared for something entirely different, but really breathtakingly touching and dark…check out this Photo he sent us…

TVB Summer Breeze Show canceled!

28. Jun ::: 2013

Leider müssen wir Euch mitteilen, daß die geplante "The Vision Bleak and the Shadow Philharmonics" Show auf dem Summer Breeze abgesagt werden musste. Durch mehrere Absagen von Musikern die Teil der Shadow Philharmonics sind, wäre es uns nur möglich gewesen mit einer "Rumpftruppe" aufzutreten. Dies haben wir (ehrlich wie wir sind) dem Festival mitgeteilt und gleichzeitig angeboten "nur" als The Vision Bleak aufzutreten und Songs von unserem kommenden Album "Witching Hour" erstmals Live aufzuführen. Leider war das für die Organisatoren des Festivals kein adäquater Ersatz. Wir sind genauso enttäuscht wie ihr über die Entwicklung der Dinge diese Show betreffend.


Sadly we have to announce that the planned "The Vision Bleak and the Shadow Philharmonics" Show for the Summer Breeze Festival had to be canceled. Due to various cancelations of musicians being part of the Shadow Philharmonics the only possibility would have been to perform with a very basic group of classical musicians. Honest as we are we told that the organization of the festival and at the same offered them to perform "just" as The Vision Bleak performing songs of our coming album "Witching Hour" for the first time. Sadly the Organisators of the Festival didn't think that this would be an appropriate alternative. We are just as sad and disappointed about how things evolved around that show as you are. 

Witching Hours over Europe!

24. May ::: 2013

Thanx to the audience at Leipzig!

24. May ::: 2013

Almost Finished..

7. Apr ::: 2013

We have been recording quite some additional stuff lately. Most spectacular some really cool Flute Parts for various songs played by Friederike - talk about witching atmosphere! We also recorded various percussions and additional samples, noises, witch shrieks and laughters etc. 4 Songs are completely finished with vocals also. Next week we are starting the mix and will be working on the vocals in parallel - two weeks to go and the album IS DONE! All hail the witches...

Schwadorf & Konstanz

We're getting closer...

28. Mar ::: 2013

What a great week so far. All Keyboards are done and we are already in the middle of the vocal recordings. Two songs already done with vox and let us tell you - we've got a bunch of hits for you! We are aiming for two more songs this week and recordings of some additional instruments, percussions etc. We are trying to get the some footage together for you with all the latest stuff happening this weekend so stay tuned!

Schwadorf & Konstanz

All Guitars Done!

21. Mar ::: 2013

Ok, as expected all guitars are finished now. We repeated enough times that we are really, really satisfied with how everything turned out until this point. Now it's time to finish them lyrics and make sense out of all notes and ideas that are spinning around in my head. Monday we'll start with adding in layers and sounds of keys and orchestral colours! You hear from us!

Schwadorf and Konstanz

Guitars soon to be finished....

20. Mar ::: 2013

Two more songs to do with the leads and then I am finished completely with all guitars. That went faster then I expected, but couldn't be happier at the same time. That album just breathes and lives. I've been using my Dean Black Gold for the Leads for the most part but also my 1978 Aria Pro 2 Gold Top got its uses - that guitar just sings. Today I'll finish the remaining songs and work on more lyrics and next week Konstanz and me will be doing all the Keyboards and Orchestration stuff. I have a little bit of footage from the bass/crunch/lead recordings as well so we'll check to do a short movie again for you guys and girls to hear what we are talking about...

Guitars in useSounds in useEars in use

'Tis some visitor I muttered....

16. Mar ::: 2013

Yesterday morning finished the crunch guitars and later got some visitors in the studio in form of Josi (Live Guitars for TVB) and our trusty roadie Bubi. Listening through the record as it is now and of course having some beers and a bbq...nice! Monday I'll be starting the lead guitar recordings - so all guitar recordings should be done on Tuesday! After that - orchestration, keyboards, additional instruments and then vocals!

 We keep you posted.

Schwadorf & Konstanz

Bass Recordings

13. Mar ::: 2013

Almost done with the Bass! Two Songs to go and then back to guitars! Adding in some layers of crunchy awesomeness and singing leads! So pleased with how everything turns out. This is going to be a killer album. I started with finishing the lyrics as well (tons of notes need to be brought into shape). This will be some utter dark, bizarre and scary stuff! We all love witches, don't we?

Rythm guitar video and Bass recordings

12. Mar ::: 2013

Here's a short Video we did from the Rythm Guitar Recording Sessions. Gives you a good impression on how things are sounding/evolving right now. Since yesterday I am back to recording and I am busy with the Bass Guitar and loving what I am hearing, Talk about pumping up the low end! Always the most fun to play Bass - we keep you posted!

Schwadorf & Konstanz

Rythm Guitars Are Done!

5. Mar ::: 2013

Finished those rythms yesterday. Time to put the feet on the table and watch the backup finish with an espresso and a cig.

What's next? Well, actually we need to take a short break from the recordings now since I need to finish another studio job first but once this is finished we will record bass and lead guitars. I am so much looking forward to this, since the bass will unify everything and besides that, I LOVE to play bass and lead guitars actually. I have some footage of me recording the rythms so we will check to make a short movie for you so you actually hear what we have been talking about lately.

Stay tuned guys! Schwadorf and Konstanz

Riffing madness... forced break...

1. Mar ::: 2013

Two more songs done with rythm guitars yesterday. Definitely recorded the most fierce song yesterday we ever did with The Vision Bleak. Think The Vision Bleak meets "Kill Em All- Area Metallica" meets "Painkiller". What a rocket!

Two songs missing but I have to take a forced break from the recordings today. The fucking flu that's making the round here finally catched me. Not feeling like blasting the studio monitors today with a head that feels like it's been rolled over by german tanks. Hope I'll be better tomorrow again!

Schwadorf & Konstanz

More guitars!

28. Feb ::: 2013

We're getting there!

Two more songs finished yesterday. I am aiming for two-three more today, so rythm guitar tracking should be finished Friday! All I can say for now is the Guitars sound AMAZING. Big, monolithic but with this sort of aggresive "entombedish" grungy midrange that we love so much. Can't wait to slip the Bass underneath…


Rhythm Guitar Tracking Day 1

27. Feb ::: 2013

It's going on very well. Started yesterday with tracking the Rythms and finished two songs. Same tracking ideal as with the drums. Go for good takes fast - don't be too nit-picky! I tested some of my guitars beforehand to settle for the best sound and my Dean White Gold had the most fierce sound with just the right amount of dirt. Using the Kemper Profiling Amplifier all over the new record and it surely sounds ace! We keep you posted with a video later this week. Have fun, we are certainly having some.

Schwadorf and Konstanz

Drumrecordings are done!

23. Feb ::: 2013

Drumrecordings for our fifth album "Witching Hour" are done! A week of hard work and hard hitting drums behind us. We are very pleased with the results. Natural, great performances with energy and vibe and absolutely no bullshit-editing the life out of those drums. The snare still freaks us out. Next week it's time to lay down the rythm guitar tracks. Looking forward! Check out this drumrecording video we did for you. Rough drums sound killer already! 

Stay tuned!
Schwadorf & Konstanz

Recording - Day 1

21. Feb ::: 2013

Day 1 recording drums for our fifth bedevilement to be entiteld "Witching Hour".
Drums sound so stunning! Actually we got hold of the original snaredrum we used on "The Deathship Has A New Captain" (through the most obscure channels, picking it up at a butchery - no shit!) and this thing sounds just killer.
Two Songs done - this time around we want to keep it fresh and not overthink things too much.

TheBanshee Calls… Schwadorf & Konstanz



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